Includes our proprietary INNER WELLTH EAA formula, Ashwaganda, Magnesium Glycinate, Diindolylmethane, Calcium-D-Glucarate and Broccoli Seed Extract:

ASHWAGANDA: Ashwaganda is a calming adaptogen.  It acts as a hormonal precursor by increasing luteinizing hormone (to help with T3 + T4 production) along with increasing DHEA (which reduces cortisol + anxiety).  Ashwaganda is one of the most studied adaptogens and in a recent NIH study, stressed out adults who took between 250 - 600 mg/day for 8 weeks had significant reduction in serum cortisol and stress levels in addition to increasing sleep quality.  Ashwaganda supports thyroid hormones, it is anti-inflammatory and helps with insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control.  

How it works in Perimenopause: Less is always more and 300mg/day of Ashwaganda taken for at least 2 months, has been shown to help with menopause symptoms, body composition benefits and levelling out blood glucose.

How it works in the General Population: You will receive all of the above benefits of taking Ashwaganda

MAGNESIUM GLYCINATE: Depending on the source, anywhere from 45-75% of the population is deficient in Magnesium, and if we are going to call any mineral “magic”, it is going to be Magnesium (Mg).  Mg is involved in more than 300 enzyme systems in your body!  Mg is extremely important in heart health, stress modulation, bone health and SLEEP!  Mg provides a reduction in PMS symptoms and muscle cramps and has been shown to boost mood and help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.  Finally, Mg supports thyroid health, fuels mitochondria, reduces oxidative stress AND enhances glutathione production.  Snaps for Magnesium!

DIINDOLYLMETHANE (DIM): DIM is an indole phytonutrient found only in cruciferous vegetables.  When we chew a cruciferous veggie, an enzyme is released that when exposed to stomach acid turns into indol-3 carbinole, which turns into DIM.  DIM has been extensively studied and it has a direct impact on how estrogen is metabolized in Phase 1 detoxification in your liver, specifically DIM supports the body in producing more 2-hydroxy estrogen (2-OH) metabolites, the most preferred and beneficial type of estrogen metabolite.  So what does this mean for you? 

How it works in Perimenopause and Non-Perimenopausal Women: DIM has been shown to have anti-cancer effects, it reduces hot flashes and PMS symptoms and decreases hormonal acne.  DIM is also extremely effective in reducing symptoms of excess estrogen such as heavy and painful periods, tender breasts, bloating, weight.  While we still want you to eat your daily broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower, you would need to eat over 2lbs per day to get the above benefit! 

How it works in Men: Men will receive the positive benefits hormone metabolism, decreased hormonal acne and optimization of testosterone levels by maintaining the levels of free testosterone in the body

CALCIUM-D-GLUCARATE (CDG): CDG is known as the “Superpower Detoxifier you’ve never heard of”. CDG has an extremely important job in hormonal regulation: it prevents your body from reabsorbing and recirculating hormones and toxic chemicals like xenoestrogens.  Once hormones have gone through Phase 1 detoxification, they need to undergo Phase 2 detox to prepare them for elimination from your body through a process called glucuronidation (stay with me here!).  In the liver, Glucuronic acid will bind to your hormone metabolites which in turn promotes excretion through your kidneys or bowel.  

Here is where CDG really makes its mark!  Once in the bowel, there is an enzyme called beta-glucuronidase which is made from the bacteria in our gut like E. Coli and a few other opportunistic bacteria.  Beta-glucuronidase can snip the bond between the estrogen and glucuronic acid which then allows for the estrogen to be reabsorbed and enter the bloodstream to potentially wreak havoc and give you symptoms of excess estrogen.   CDG has the longest impact on inhibiting beta-glucuronidase, which allows for increased estrogen clearance!

So together, DIM promotes your body metabolizing both xenoestrogens and naturally produced estrogens down the correct pathway and then CDG ensures they are eliminated out of your body!

Wondering what causes an increase in beta-glucuronidase? Diets high in fat and sugar and low in fiber.  High levels of beta-glucuronidase are linked to excess smoking and alcohol consumption along with antibiotic use.  Cancers associated with excess beta-glucuronidase are breast, prostate and colon.

BROCCOLI SEED EXTRACT: Broccoli Seed Extract is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound found in cruciferous vegetables (see a trend here?  Your mom wasn’t wrong when she told you to eat your broccoli!) and among its many health benefits, it has been shown to aid with Phase 2 liver detoxification.  Broccoli Seed Extract has also been shown to decrease menopausal symptoms, significantly improve insulin levels in people with Type 2 diabetes and is protective against bone loss.

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