INNER WELLTH ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS (EAAs): Integral for function and fitness 

Half of our body is made up of Amino Acids, which are the building blocks of Protein.  There are 20 amino acids in our body.  11 are non essential (NEAA) and 9 are essential (EAA).  That means that the 9 Essential Amino Acids (EAA) must be consumed as our body cannot make them.

Why does our body need EAAs from protein? Protein is needed for the structure, function and regulation of all tissues and organs.  Protein is used for immune and hormone function, enzyme and neurotransmitter production and it supports detoxification pathways.  Protein helps with muscle repair, recovery and maintenance.  Protein repairs damaged cells and builds new ones when damage is irreversible.  And yet shockingly, the majority of the population is deficient in protein.

The INNER WELLTH EAA formula is based on an amino acid ratio that has been scientifically proven to maximally stimulate muscle protein synthesis AND optimize protein availability so your body can complete the functions listed above.  Our ratio includes 40% leucine, 20% isoleucine, 20% valine (the ideal BCAA ratio of 2:1:1) and 20% remaining EAAs to total 6 grams of EAAs.

So why are EAAs so great?  They have 2 - 3 times the impact of the same amount of grams of protein!  For example, if a young healthy person is ingesting 10g of EAAs, it will equate to eating 20g of whey or animal protein.  For a woman older than 35?  That 10g amount is equivalent to 30g of whey or animal protein! 

As we age (especially for women), it is harder for our body to break down protein to get the amino acids out of it, so supplementation with amino acids is very beneficial.

I recommend that all of my clients eat 1g of protein per pound of ideal body weight per day.  That could be 150g of protein per day!  While it is doable, it requires deliberate eating and EAA supplementation can ensure they are reaching their goals.   Using the 150lb ideal body weight example, someone could have 30g of protein at breakfast, 30g at lunch and 40g at dinner and they would still need 50g of protein.  Rather than eating more food, they could supplement with two 12g doses of Inner Wellth EAAs which would allow them to reach their protein goals and maximize protein synthesis!

Why should we care about building muscle? Sacrificing muscle is the biggest detriment to longevity and health span.  Studies show that muscle mass correlates to longevity.  The stronger your muscle mass is, the less likely you are to break a bone in a fall, the more fat and carbohydrates your body burns at rest and your body has more capacity to naturally lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

Do you ever wonder why you cannot see the muscle definition in your body change after all of the hard work you are putting in at the gym? Consider your protein intake! Are you eating 1g/lb of body weight? If not, you might not be adequately feeding your muscles and stimulating their growth, which could be the answer!

If you are looking to change your body composition by increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing fat mass, protein is your best friend.  A recent landmark 12 week study on women showed that eating high protein diets (1g of protein per lb of ideal body weight) showed statistically significant changes in higher lean muscle mass, decreased waist circumference, decreased overall fat mass and a lower body fat percentage.  To be clear: these changes happened just from changing the amount of protein in their diets.  Imagine how you could change the composition of your body if you added strength training?!

Still not sold? One last piece of motivation: if you were to gain 10lbs of muscle, while losing 10lbs of fat (so overall no change in weight), your body composition would decrease by up to ¼.  So you are at same weight, but the shift of fat to muscle will make you look ¼ smaller!!!  This is the power of gaining lean muscle mass and not to mention this is the ONLY way to increase your metabolism as increased muscle burns more energy at rest than fat.

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